From their entrance of this set, after opening actone beats in the Buy Buy Song, right through to the last measures of Uhm Snacks!,Dan Hemmer and Morten Lindberg exhibit an elegance of sound and subtlety of time. Sound and time, however, are not enough;it is what they are used to hold together that makes them of such importance to the music-scene of today. And that is? Why the melodicline of course; and beyond everything else it is the melodic line that Lindberg & Hemmer woo and win in their music. It isn´t difficult to hear,to feel, to dig any verb that describes your own response will do. As you listen again and again, the melodic lines and the subtle rhythmic push will sweep up and over the level of dynamics to create for the listener a truly fine Hammond & Bass band. (Mr. Kong /Multiplex)- Dan Hemmer is the Hammond-organ guy that everybody is diggin´- wellliked and with a huge open view on what music can be and sound like.Morten Lindberg is the bassplayer. A respected DJ and a wellknown character in Danish entertainment who twist things his own way.Lindberg & Hemmer use the vibe from the old rhytmboxes in combination with modern programming. But they also collaborated with their friendsand live-group-members; percussion player Afonso Correa and Klavs Nordsoe to make a living beat. Together with the smooth and cool AndersGaardmand on flute, the delightful guitar of Regin Fuhlendorf and the wicked Fender Rhodes piano solos by Ben Besiakov it makes a distinctjazzy sound.




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"Tennis", "Manzonetti" and "Sightseeing"

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